While Ur Busy Trynna Fit In, Imma Stand Out.

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We talked/snapchatted. Life is so unpredictable, I am just going to go with the flow.

Interviewer:What are three words that describe you?
Me:Boss Ass Bitch

DONE. It is over. But we are still friends. But it is over.

I don’t want to hu with anyone anymore. I want to be hard to get, not easy as hell. I want people to have respect for me. I want to be everyone’s friend. I want to focus on me.

I’m done

He read it and didn’t reply “/.. Oh no? We talked this morning tho
He is probably at US OPEN. And doesn’t want to be disturbed but who knows. GO WITH THE FLOW. And just know he DEFINITELY did not ask me cause he want to get it for me.. Forsure it was just for small talk.

When I go back I am going to: Get all A’s, get skinny, better clothes, better personality, work my ass off to get into college, Ace my SAT and ACT.

Put your hopes down. Trust me.

I need to stop thinking he will get me one. Because in all reality he is NOT! He MIGHT have thought of getting me one, but in reality he probably DIDN’T buy it. So I need to stop before I seriously hurt my feelings.

Should I let my ego get in the way and ignore her? He is like right tho, girls hold grudges. I think I am not going to say anything until school starts.

He didn’t even read it… He really doesn’t give a shit about my answer. I know it is just a random question to have small talk