While Ur Busy Trynna Fit In, Imma Stand Out.

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I honestly wish I was coming back like 5 days before school starts so at least I can hang out with him. Cause he won’t want to on the last day before school starts.

I need my face to be clear, body to be skinny, my actions to be tamed, my looks to be flawless, and my personality to be irresistible.

For a second there I honestly thought everything was completely over and a little part of me died inside. I have to really be careful. Considering he doesn’t even want one I have to be extra better and careful. He texted me and I am going to pretend I fell asleep, that way he misses texting me..at least I hope he will… Plus the more I get attached the harder this will hurt when I go back to school.


do you ever just read one little thing that kills you inside

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I have to post a hotter picture and the video has to look good. But his personality doesn’t care about looks as much, more about personality. So I need to make it good, he’s not like the rest of them. I have to think before I speak and be original. One time he loosened up and called me those things. I have to make him crack again and say it again.. Jk I am going to go with the FLOW.

I really need to be careful Of what I say so I don’t lose. Also, he’s not like that…